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Space Travel

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Imagine waking up to brilliant sunshine in Southwestern New Mexico, knowing
that you are about to embark on the greatest adventure of your life.
You have already enjoyed a fun and intense 3 day training and preparation.
Your friends and family are here too and while they won’t be in on the training,
they will be watching the launch right from Spaceport America.
On board WhiteKnight Two, your takeoff will feel like a normal aircraft, but in less
than one hour, baby, we are at 50,000 feet and bam! WhiteKnightTwo releases
the SpaceShip and off you go!
Within seconds, the onboard rocket is ignited. In ten more seconds, you are on a
supersonic ride, traveling straight up out of the atmosphere, just under Mach 4!!
And then, the “nothingness” ……complete silence ensues as we enter the black
void of space and you begin floating around the cabin in total weightlessness.
As you levitate with ease and play with this amazing energy, you can peer out
one of several porthole windows and look at the same celestial views that have
dazzled the astronauts….750 miles out in any direction.
Gliding back to earth, touching your feet again on what is familiar, your family
and friends cheering and congratulating you, know that every special moment will
be preserved on video and still shots.
This isn’t just a trip to space. It is part of your legacy and your life story.
This is an experience few people on this planet will choose to have. Here is your
invitation to be one of the exceptional individuals of this century to embrace a
new frontier.
(Kelly Shea is the only accredited agent in Indiana for Sir Richard Branson’s
Virgin Galactic Spaceport America. She joins an elite group of travel experts
who have been chosen to represent this next frontier in travel. Contact Kelly to
learn more!)

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