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As wonderful as traveling to unknown places is and as romantic as it can
sound to just go and let things take their course, there is nothing wrong
with having some help to avoid pitfalls and vertical learning curves….these
are some of the ways I can help you make your next trip as airtight or
serendipitous as you imagine it.

“Only she who has traveled the road, knows where the holes are deep.”

– Chinese Proverb

Getting There

Briefly describe your degree and any other highlights about your studies you want to share. Be sure to include relevant skills you gained, accomplishments you achieved or milestones you reached during your education.

Once You Are There

Sure, you can figure out how to get to your lodgings at the airport upon
arrival, but my experience is that the combination of jetlag, a foreign
language and my general lack of having an internal compass, is not
conducive to finding the best way of well, getting a vacation started on a
good note! I can advise you on all the options at the particular airport you
have landed in. From shuttles, to metro, to a driver who is there to meet
you and assist with luggage, I can help make this sometimes very chaotic
entry experience into one that is gentle and expeditious.easy.

Speaking of Lodgings

So many options, so many websites clamoring for your attention! Why
slog through blogs when I can offer you first hand advice on where to
stay? From intimate boutique hotels to five star resorts, I have made it my business to personally experience the places I recommend. I know what places offer quiet, which rooms have the views, the helpful concierge, the most comfortable beds, etc. Why spend precious time and money on a fabulous trip only to discover the room didn’t match the photo on the website?

Getting Around

Whether you have loads of time or just a few precious days to explore your destination, the last thing you may want to do is stand on street corners, turning a map around in your hands and asking every other person “dov’e? ou est? where, where, where am I?” Of course, this can be a fabulous way of engaging with the local population and that is one of the joys of travel….but it can also be nice to have a private driver at your disposal, one that can drop you off at that chic little café. And where engaging with the locals and people watching is also delightful over a glass of wine or an espresso. I know who the best guides and drivers are, many on a first name basis. So, be lost for wanderlust’s sake at times, but this private driver option can be a nice little perk too.

The Road Less Traveled 

Have you ever returned from a trip to a far flung place, excited to share
your adventures with others, only to hear someone ask, “Well did you go to
the place hidden around the corner that….” in a nutshell, is near to being
another wonder of the world, and you didn’t know about it? (there go more
of the bubbles). I got into this business of travel to share the beauty of
places with others. One of the special services I offer is guiding you to
spots or experiences that are mostly unknown or easily passed by that
have given me many of my most treasured memories. Some of these I
stumbled upon myself. Some of them were shared with me. Let me share
them with you.

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