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“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other
side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher


kelly shea travel globe

My long career as a travel specialist began when I was inspired to pursue a dream instead of a job. This dream was born on the Greek Island of Hydra. During a college summer when I visited 14 European countries, it was when I stepped off a boat and on to this small island that changed everything for me.
This tiny place where only donkeys or your own two feet serve as transportation and where the scene of old Greek fishermen tending their nets full of the daily catch is unchanged by time offered me both a gift and a question: a love for a place that would never diminish and “What kind of a job could I have that would let me travel?”
Hydra is the one place I go back to every year, but the list of exotic destinations I have gotten to know, has grown to include _____ countries, primarily in Europe and Africa.
You cannot do what I do for clients using the Internet. One has to go and spend time. I know Greece like the back of my hand….the best guides, hotels, restaurants and the “off the beaten track” places most tourists never see. I have endeavored to bring the same level of attention to the other places I’ve visited. I am not interested in signing up people for vacation packages. My love of travel and my belief that traveling is the best way to expand knowledge and appreciation for other cultures, religions and ways of living, allows me to create magical trips for people. As a result, I have been honored to be included on the prestigious Advisory Boards of Saveur Magazine and Islands Magazine as well as Travel + Leisure’s Top Travel Specialists’s List for many years. Kelly Shea Travels is the name of my company and it is also what I do every chance I get!

Where do you want to go? 

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